Susan Radder Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wiki

The social media world has already inspired tons of people in one way or the other. These inspirations are mainly from TV actors, influencers, content creators, models, and many more. Well, from the long list of inspirations the personality that I am gonna talk about today has provoked millions of hearts. Susan Radder is one of the famous actresses whose work and acting have earned much attention and love from the people.

Her work was not just a source of enjoyment and amusement but also people learned a lot from her and gained awareness of professional work. If you are interested to know about Susan Radder’s success, her life, and her work then you surely need to read this article. Here is all the information related to her career and personal life that many of you might be searching for and curious to know. Let’s get started!



Susan Radder is one of the famous, creative, and smart actresses who was born on 20th March 1999 and belongs to Amsterdam. She was a very happy and jolly person from childhood and lived a good life. Susan Radder has two sisters, and they have a great bond. Sometimes she shares amazing pictures with her family on her Instagram account. Also, Susan belongs to a Dutch family but follows Christianity. As she is Dutch so she has Dutch nationality. According to her date of birth, her zodiac sign is Virgo.

She has had that spirit of acting since she was a child, and this awareness developed in her and led her to join the industry when she was only six years old. It is because of her talent that she was too young and entered the world of glamor and made her name from then till now because of her passion and good working sense.

Her first movie that she appeared in was ‘’Offers’’, which many people liked and from there she made her name in the celebrity world. After that, she worked in different movies and played the lead role, which makes her more prominent in the industry, and now she has recently appeared in a Netflix series. She also received the award of best actress in 2016 because of her work and acting skills in the ‘’Horizon’’ movie.

Susan Radder Height, Weight, and Looks

Well, if we look at her physical appearance she appears quite cute, elegant, and beautiful. She has all the qualities that an actor must have. If we see her body statistics then according to that her height is 5 feet 4 inches, which of course is a good height. Susan Radder’s body weight is about 46 kg, which is just perfect and required weight for an actor’s body. Her looks are obviously stunning, and precise, with silky brownish hair and sharp features.

Susan Radder Age, Marital Status, and Net Worth


We discussed that she started acting when she was almost six years old and now she is just 23 and made her name in the industry and became famous because of her acting talent. She lives a very good life but she doesn’t talk much about her family as she wants to keep her family private and according to some interviews and information it tells that she is still single and not married yet. As now she is a known and notable actress she is earning a great sum of money and her net worth is about $2 million, which must be obvious.

Susan Radder’s Career and Achievements

Susan Radder is not just known and famous because of her movies and TV series but also she has millions of followers on her Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. People love her food, and her acting and follow and adore her as an inspiration. She posts beautiful pictures of hers on her Instagram account and receives unconditional love and comments from her fans on her pictures.

Her acting quality, skills, and ability are so perfect that it brings more reality into the story. Her acting seems more real than just acting. She has been working in this field since she was just six years old, so now she has become a more polished, expert, known, and talented actress of today’s time. No one can beat her looks, working style, and appearance she shows in a particular movie.

Susan Radder Hobbies

Susan Radder likes spending most of her time acting as it is her profession but also she loves to do other fascinating things too. She likes traveling the world as this is her job too. Other than that she loves dancing, singing, playing badminton, and learning new stuff. She keeps herself busy with things and focuses more on improving her acting skills.



Who is Susan Radder?

Susan Radder is one of the famous, and known actresses of today’s world. She worked so hard for years to make her name among the known celebrities of the world. It is her acting skills and talents, which lead her goals to fulfillment.

When was Susan Radder born?

Susan Radder was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on 20th March 1999 and according to it she is only 23 years old and a known film actress.

How tall is Susan Radder?

Susan Radder is a distinguished female actress who is 5 feet and 4 inches tall.


Now, if you are a follower of the great female actress Susan Radder then you must have enjoyed reading this article. I hope that this article has cleared all the confusion and answered all the questions that were in your mind regarding Susan Radder’s life and career. Susan Radder is an inspiration and admiration for all the new TV stars who are fresh in acting.